Today’s family comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you are a new mum, soon to be mum, working mum, stay at home mum, single mum, step mum, divorced mum, mumpreneur or even a dad we hope that Mums Mag will entertain, inform and inspire you.


We all know that being a mum is one of the most singularly important jobs in life. You are tasked with bringing life into the world and then preparing your little one to go out and learn to live as an individual. There is no rule book or notes that come attached to babies when they are born. We all just hope that we do the best job possible.



When our children are babies, the task is simple: feed, change nappies, cuddle and repeat. Once they are able to walk and talk, that’s when the real trouble starts. They can now explore the world on their own. That taste of new-found freedom means there is no going back – for them or you. Guiding our children is not an easy road, but here at Mums Mag, we will try to help make that road a little bit easier for both of you.


We also never forget that although being a mum may be your number one priority you are first and foremost a woman who has become a mother and that, yes, it is ok to have hopes and dreams beyond your home and family.


With local community news & views, informative articles, a family & mum friendly directory & what's on guide and money saving deals that are all local to you Mums Mag is THE Go To resource for Wirral mums


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 Launched in 2009 as the Wirral Mums online magazine - Mums Mag is put together by a small team of people who are all passionate about their family and community. 


  We may be parents from diverse backgrounds and communities with different lifestyles and pressures but the one thing we have in common is that we are mums and dads who care about our children and who worry about the future that they face